About Us

Headquartered in Bangalore, we provide training and consulting on Generative AI, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.


Mohan Silaparasetty , CoFounder and CEO. 

Mohan is a graduate from IIT Kharagpur with more than three decades of experience in the IT industry in a variety of roles at MNC’s like SAP and IBM. 

He is an author, trainer and speaker , specializing in Generative AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. 

Chief Data Scientist

Vinita Silaparasetty is an AI expert, author, and speaker. She holds an MSc. in Data Science from Newcastle University in the U.K. She specializes in Python, R, and Julia for Generative AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. Her expertise includes using Tensorflow and Keras for neural network model building.

Her book “Deep Learning Projects Using TensorFlow 2 Neural Network Development with Python and Keras” is published by Apress, New York. It is a collection of computer vision and natural language processing projects using Python, Tensorflow, and Keras.


Vinita Silaparasetty

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