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Trendwise Demo Beacon App for Android

The concept of Beacons/iBeacons being new , there is a certain amount of learning involved before their large scale adoption.
And the easiest way to learn is to see it in action. This demo app helps in demonstrating the capabilities of Beacons to your customers. It can be downloaded for free. It can be configured at run time ( no additional coding required) to work with your specific Estimote Beacon.

How it works?

1. Download the app using this link and install it.

2. Do not run the app as yet - since your Beacon UUID is not registered on the app.

3. Send an email to with the following details

i. UUID of your beacon

ii. Major and Minor - this is optional

4. Once you receive a confirmation from us - run the app to get the Beacon UUID registered on the app

5. Close and restart the app.